We love our canine friends here at the pub, as long as they're friendly and kept on a leash. We only ask that you keep well behaved and of course please be responsible for any "accidents" that might happen.

If they're lucky, there might even be a biscuit waiting for them!

Mr. February

Meet Shani! Shani has a special skill set, as he has gone through a 2 year training program to become a Hearing Service Dog! He will actually tap his owner on the arm with his paw when he needs to be alerted to certain sounds, such as emergency vehicles. Even if his owner drops his wallet! How cool is that? He's a Red Heeler Cattle Dog who turns 3 in June. When he's "off duty", his favorite beer is our Strait Stout. It was great to meet you Shani, thanks for stopping in!


Mr. January

Meet Quito! We're starting out the year fresh with something a little different! Quito came down to visit and snack on CB's fresh roasted peanuts while his parents enjoyed a pint. He's a 31 year old Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot who enjoys travel, fruits/veggies and meeting the ladies!



Mr. December

Meet Riley! Not only is Riley the Dog of the Month, he's quite the talented vocalist as well. He took center stage during our live music on Saturday nights (with Cort Armstrong & Jim Faddis as his backing band) and literally had the entire tasting room howling. He's a 12 year old Beagle who loves to sing, smell the smells and can never pass up on treats. He also enjoys the PT Porter and our lovely bar staff!


Mr. November

Meet Bob! Bob has been patiently waiting in line to have the "grand honor" of DOTM and his time has finally come. This month is for you, Bob! He's a 1.7 year old Heeler/German Short Haired Pointer who never misses a chance to dress up and go out. Bob takes pride in his kind mannerisms (he's pretty damn sweet), loves his Dad and is especially fond of our Single Hop India Pale. Side note: He has a weird thing for alligators for some reason???


Mr. October

Meet Fenway! October 15th is National Pug Day (yes, it actually exists), ironically Fenway is this month's honoree. He's 11 years old and loves our Chet's Golden Ale (to watch his weight). Fun fact, Pugs were bred in China around 400 BCE, treated like royalty and some even had their own mini palaces and guards!


Mr. September

Meet Bernie! Coming in at 140 pounds, Bernie is a "lot of dog" who actually thinks he's small. He's a 4 year old Bernese/Great Pyrenees who started his "career" as a sheep dog in Montana. He loves the beach, Chihuahuas (yes, he really does think he's small) and of course Chet's Golden Ale!


Miss August

Meet Jazzy! Jazzy tries to pass herself off as a Weimaraner, but she's actually a Silver Labrador Retriever puppy! She comes to the tasting room every week (at least), so it has been really fun to watch her develop and grow. She entertains the patrons with her classic lab "goofiness" and has taking a liking to our Single Hop India Pale!


Miss July

Meet Martini! Well, she's not quite a dog...but we couldn't quite pass this one up! Martini has taken the honors of July's "Dog of the Month". She made several new friends down here at the pub. She loves going for walks, visiting breweries, her pub favorite is our Hazy IPA along with an "All Beef" pepperoni stick!


Mr. June

Meet Dodger! Dodger is a 11 year old Terrier/Chihuahua mix. His favorite pastimes include boating, beaching, traveling, being held, having a cheeseburger, being held again, then another cheeseburger. Of course he finishes it off with a few laps of Hop Diggidy! He was a Kitsap ASPCA rescue from the San Bernardino pound and found a loving family here in the Northwest.


Mr. May

Meet Angus! Angus is a 2 year old Blue Heeler/Kelpie/Lab mix, who enjoys long walks on the beach and Bitter End IPA. Favorite treat? He's still looking for that perfect flavor.


Mr. April

Meet Bosun! Bosun is a 5 year old Standard Schnauzer who loves Hop Diggidy and chasing squirrels!


Miss March

Meet Lilla! Lilla was the clear winner for our March Dog of the Month! She's a young yellow lab who enjoys Hop Diggidy and milk bones!


Miss February

Meet Coda! Coda is an 8 week old Akita! She's a little too young have a favorite beer, but she's definitely eyeing that Porter!


Miss January

Meet June! She is a South African Ridgeback, loves Stout and pepperoni sticks!