We love our canine friends here at the pub, as long as they're friendly and kept on a leash. We only ask that you keep them out of the beer garden and of course please be responsible for any "accidents" that might happen.

If they're lucky, there might even be a biscuit waiting for them!

Miss July

Meet Martini! Well, she's not quite a dog...but we couldn't quite pass this one up! Martini has taken the honors of July's "Dog of the Month". She made several new friends down here at the pub. She loves going for walks, visiting breweries, her pub favorite is our Hazy IPA along with an "All Beef" pepperoni stick!



Mr. June

Meet Dodger! Dodger is a 11 year old Terrier/Chihuahua mix. His favorite pastimes include boating, beaching, traveling, being held, having a cheeseburger, being held again, then another cheeseburger. Of course he finishes it off with a few laps of Hop Diggidy! He was a Kitsap ASPCA rescue from the San Bernardino pound and found a loving family here in the Northwest.


Mr. May

Meet Angus! Angus is a 2 year old Blue Heeler/Kelpie/Lab mix, who enjoys long walks on the beach and Bitter End IPA. Favorite treat? He's still looking for that perfect flavor.


Mr. April

Meet Bosun! Bosun is a 5 year old Standard Schnauzer who loves Hop Diggidy and chasing squirrels!


Miss March

Meet Lilla! Lilla was the clear winner for our March Dog of the Month! She's a young yellow lab who enjoys Hop Diggidy and milk bones!


Miss February

Meet Coda! Coda is an 8 week old Akita! She's a little too young have a favorite beer, but she's definitely eyeing that Porter!


Miss January

Meet June! She is a South African Ridgeback, loves Stout and pepperoni sticks!